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What is a Good Credit Score For Refinance Your Existing Mortgage?
The one exception to these new rules is the FHA mortgage refinance program, which still defines good credit as any credit score above 640. In addition .
Mortgage or Refinance with Credit Problems or Below 640 Credit . If your credit score has moved below 700, the lowest rates within the mortgage industry are .

The State of Debt

Credit Score Below 700
Mar 20, 2012 . Credit scores below 700 are considered “A” paper by this eMortgage . Mortgage loans utilized for both, purchase home loans, refinance .

Bankruptcy haunts home mortgage refinance
Mar 9, 2010 . We both have credit scores above 700 and both have good incomes. We recently tried to refinance our home mortgage loan at a lower interest .

Bump up your credit score in a hurry
Planning to buy a home, refi a loan or shop for a new car? . If their best rates are offered to borrowers with a score of 700 or higher and yours is a 698, those two .

Your FICO® score determines your interest rate when Refinancing ...
In order to qualify for the best rates, you'll need to have a good credit rating – this . In many cases, the difference of just a few percentage points when you refinance translates into . And in today's mortgage market, if your score is on the lower ranges, you likely won't qualify for refinancing. . 700-759, 3.752%, $1390 .

The Impact on mortgage re-fi 700 crdit score Rates

Refinance a $950000 loan 85% LTV 700 credit score? - Zillow ...
Jun 26, 2009 . See current mortgage rates on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. Refinance a $950000 loan 85% LTV 700 credit score? Profile picture for .

7 Ways to Wreck Your Mortgage Refinance | MintLife Blog | Personal ...
Jan 10, 2012 . Here are seven ways you can wreck your next mortgage refinance. . Your FICO credit score plays a significant role in determining the interest . score in the mid to high 700's will secure the lowest mortgage rates available, .

Eligibility Matrix 01-31-12
Jan 31, 2012 . 700. 2 Units. 70/70/70%. 680. Cash-Out Refinance. 3 - 4 Units . 5 Minimum credit score requirements are for mortgage loans underwritten .

Will it happen?

Complete FHA Streamline Refinance Guidelines - The Mortgage ...
Mar 7, 2012 . Excellent (>740), Strong (700-739), Above Average (660-699), Average (640-659 ) . The FHA Streamline Refinance : The Complete Mortgage . an FHA Streamline Refinance; Credit score verification is not required with an .

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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage and Why?
Apr 17, 2011 . Usually, the best time to refinance your home mortgage is when interest rates are low. . Your creditworthiness — i.e., your credit score — improved enough to . and he was shocked to discover that with a 700 credit scrore he .

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Refinance Tool Box: Credit Score and Credit Report Basics for ...
When refinance mortgage lenders inquire about your credit score, they are . credit scores range from 300 to 850 with most people scoring in the 600's to 700's .

It’s amazing, how much Federal Reserve holds 6x as #2 on the list…

Cash Out Vs. Rate & Term Refinancing | Home Guides | SF Gate
Each type of refinance has separate benefits from the other, and each requires . Most mortgage lenders require minimum credit scores for their products. . is 620; lenders may require a 680 or 700 credit score for a cash-out refinance.

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Mortgage Lists | Mortgage Lead Lists | Mortgage Mailing Lists
Whether you're targeting credit scores of 500-620 or credit scores of 620-700, you can . scores that provide the best possible leads for your mortgage refinance .

How to Refinance Now and Avoid Rejection - CBS News
Dec 7, 2009 . Mortgage rates had slipped to 4.75 percent — far below their 5.85 percent . If your credit score is under 700, fix it before trying to refinance or .

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mortgage rates today waterbury ct mortgage re-finance break even point September 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm


What is the Minimum Credit Score Needed for an FHA Home Mortgage
Find out what credit score you need to get an FHA mortgage to buy a home. . Super Jumbo Rates · ARM Mortgage Rates · DU Refi Mortgage Rates . If you have a credit score above 700 and are making a down payment of less than 20% , .

What Credit Score is Needed to Refinance a Mortgage?
Jun 13, 2009 . Credit Score Needed to Refinance a Mortgage Loan. . One lender might approve you for refinancing with a score of 700, while another one .

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Debt consolidation refinancing - Get cash from your home to repay debt
Apr 25, 2012 . Good credit: You should have good credit (around 700) to get approved for . However, you may get a home loan with scores lower than 700 if you apply with the . Pros and Cons of debt consolidation refinance mortgages .

Refinance Your Mortgage - Compare Interest Rates Online Instantly ...
myFICO Loan Center: Shop online for a Refinance, Home Mortgage Loan or Home Equity in minutes. Get offers from trusted lenders and select the best loan for .


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Refinance options...suggestions please? (PMI, loan, interest rate ...
Jul 1, 2010 . Mortgage balance is 295k. . Since the rates are very low now, I would like to refinance. . on the refinance and refinance at a 95% loan-to-value, with a 700- 719 FICO score you could expect an interest rate about 4.75%.

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How to quickly boost your credit score
Q: I Have a Credit Score of 625 and Am Trying to Refinance a Loan. The Bank Says My Credit Score Must Be a 700 to Get a Loan With Them. . since you are trying to get a mortgage, you can utilize a service known as “rapid re-scoring” also .

The Mortgage Porter: Credit Scores and Reporting
Dec 22, 2011 . Established credit helps your credit scores and your closed account, . If you are considering a mortgage to buy or refinance a home, . And a $70 collection hurts your score just as much as a $700 or $7000 collection.

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April 2012 : Official HARP 2.0 Program Mortgage Refinance ...
Comprehensive guidelines for the Home Affordable Refinance Program -- HARP 2.0. . Excellent (>740), Strong (700-739), Above Average (660-699), Average . No, there is no minimum credit score requirement with the HARP mortgage .

Who Gets to Refinance In a Stressed Market? - Mortgage Professor
This article considers the anomoly of a refinance boom in the midst of a . secured by a single-family house in which they reside, have a credit score above 740, and . The premium on a score of 700 can be a high as 1.125%, and on a score of .

How to Get a Mortgage With a Credit Score of 550 - Budgeting Money
Since most lenders want to see credit scores higher than . . higher than 700, it can be difficult to get approved for a mortgage with a low credit score of 550. . Once your credit improves, you and your spouse can refinance the mortgage in your .

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Exhibit 19
Mar 15, 2012 . attributes for which a delivery fee rate or credit is shown on this Exhibit. . Cash- Out Refinance Mortgages Indicator Score / Loan-to-Value .

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Mortgage Refinancing Guidelines |
Credit Score Estimator Calculate your estimated credit score in seconds. . Cards by Credit Score; • Excellent Credit (750+) · • Good Credit (700-749) · • Fair . experts will help you figure out if now is the right time to refinance your mortgage.

Debt Consolidation Refinance
Your credit score and loan to value will determine whether you should choose Fannie . Wrap High interest credit cards, a car loan, a second mortgage, and not to . Lower than 700 all the way down to 600 should consider an FHA Refinance .